The Jenna Jameson Extreme Doll

I lager.

365 EUR

Jenna's tight body has finally been cloned into the ultimate boy toy. Molded directly from Jenna, her perfect ass and pussy have been recreated to the most minute detail. Now the experience of being with this doll faced goddess has been transferred into a real doll.

*Wireless, vibrating ultra-soft mouth for your please.
*Amazing life-like skin
*Solid head - inflatable body
*Vagina and Ass (removable)
*Jenna's breasts with life-like nipples
*Long flowing blonde hair
*Life-like hands and feet
*Holds up to 300 pounds
*Movable arms

Weight: 3.20 Kg

Length: Life size
Colour: Flesh
Flexibility: Very
Controller: Wired
Brand: Doc Johnson
Him or Her: Male
Main Features: Molded direct from Jenna