Male Edge Basic Penis Developer

I lager.

135 EUR

The Male Edge is a revolutionary new penis extender built for today's lifestyle!

From the makers of the Jes Extender, the most successful penis extender
in the world to date, comes this updated, stronger, lighter weight
version that is guaranteed to make you bigger, quicker!

Male Edge works through traction. It expands the skin tissue using its
unique traction mechanism.
This stimulates cell growth which results in a
longer, thicker penis.

Male Edge is 100% effective '- meaning it works for everyone.

Combining the biggest traction force on the market with super
lightweight materials, Male Edge is the Penis Extender for the modern

Gains of up to 3.5 inches possible!

Weighs only 65 g.

The Male Edge Basic Edition comes in a funky case and contains:

Male Edge Penis Extender, Instructional DVD, Ruler, 1x Rubber Strap

Weight: 0.70 Kg

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