System JO Massage Oil Unscented

I lager.

26 EUR

Luxurious silicone based massage oils, designed to enhance the feeling of pleasure when two bodies rub together. 
Enhance the pleasures of giving and receiving a sensual massage using the Unique formula, which provides silky smooth massage, never feels greasy, oily or tacky. 

This glide softens the movements between the bodies allowing your sense of pleasure to soar. 

One drop of glide equals to 10 drops of other massage oils.- fragrance & colour free- latex safe- silky smooth feeling- long lasting - 10 x longer than normal massage oilsConditioning, moisturising and extremely long lasting, only 1/10th of amount is needed for a perfect sensual experience.

Available in scented, unscented and warming versions.

Type of Lubricant: Silicone Based
Condom Safe?: 1
Liquid Volume: 120 ml
Brand: System Jo
Him or Her: Both
Main Features: long lasting