Women Premium Warming Lubricant

I lager.

22 EUR

A luxury silicone and water-based lubricant with added ingredients for enhacing of sensitivity of genital area. 

Enhances pleasure, with a silky smooth feeling. Long lasting, fragrance free, super concentrated and also it's completely latex safe. 

System JO Premium lubricant is designed for multiple uses, non-toxic and non-allergenic it won't block your pores and never gets tacky or sticky, enhances sensitivity in the genital area, latex safe, fragrance and colour free, works under water

Women Lubricants have been developed especially to address the needs of women. 

With a specific mix of ingredients, you will not find better female friendly lubricants on the market.

Weight: 0.19 Kg

Type of Lubricant: Water Based
Condom Safe?: 1
Liquid Volumn: 4oz 120ml
Brand: System Jo
Him or Her: Female
Main Features: a silky smooth feeling and never stick or tacky