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Woman Sensitive Lube

13 EUR
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Women Sensitive is based on our innovative water-based Aqua Comfort formula. But here we've also added several natural active substances which have nourishing effects in the vaginal area and help to prevent irritations and discomfort.

Aloe Vera: we have added generous amounts of Aloe Vera. The healing power of Aloe Vera is well known around the world, but it also contains high levels of Glycoproteins the structural component of natural vaginal fluid.

Flax Seed Extract: we have added Flax seed extract which contains a high level of mucins, these are the same kind of mucins that mainly formes the vaginal and anal mucous membranes. Flax seed extract is also a powerful antioxidant.

Chamomile Extract: Is an anti-allergenic agent, with irritation-relieving effects. It also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Piroctone Olamine: is a active fungicide to help preventing vaginal yeast infections.

Weight: 0.16 Kg

Type of Lubricant: Water Based
Condom Safe?: 1
Liquid Volumn: 120ml
Brand: Various Drug Stores
Him or Her: Female