Nexus iSTIM Electro-Stim Device

I lager.

168 EUR

The nexus iSTIM has been designed with exclusive attachments to plug into your favourite Nexus toy and give it a whole new dimension of pleasure!
The Nexus iSTIM is a contemporary sexual stimulation unit which uses gentle electrical impulses to excite nerve endings through the skin.
The erogenous area for both men and women contain more nerve endings then other parts of the body and so when electro-stim is used on these sensitive areas, sensation is deliciously heighten giving you the most powerful, intense orgasm of your life! Also available is the Nexus c-ring (not included), made from unique conductive rubber for a comfortable yet explosive addition to the whole Nexus electro experience!

High quality electronic TENS machine with LCD display More setting than other TEN's units Connects to Nexus hard toys for ultimate electrical stimulation 2 channels can connect 2 people or 2 toys Discrete high quality storage case containing 3 attachments and 4 medical grade connector pads.

Weight: 0.62 Kg
Wash: Wipe down
Colour: Black
Flexibility: Rigid
Brand: Nexus
Him or Her: Male