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Electra Stim Silicone Noir Nona Anal Electro Probe

61 EUR
Artikelnummer: h5YU
Proportioned to give her expert G-spot massage, the Electra Stim Silicone Noir Nona Electrode was designed especially with women in mind.
That's not to say that the boys can't enjoy this top-heavy probe, the tapered stem and anchored base make Nona ideal for anal play too.
Featuring a pronounced upward curve, swollen tip and textured ribbing, Nona is designed to ergonomically nestle against your G-spot or prostate.

Wear Nona while sat upright or positioned on your knees and rock your pelvis against the curve.
The electrostimulation makes your pelvic floor muscles throb in time with stimulation while the tip taps your G-spot or P-spot.
Nona makes an excellent accentuation to foreplay, oral sex and anal sex.

Weight: 0.14 Kg
Length: 4 Inches
Diameter: 1.25 - 1.5 Inches
Colour: Black
Material: Silicone
Controller: Wired
Brand: ElectraStim
Him or Her: Both